The Cabanyal emerged from the sea and at it side it’s children flourished. They were modest people who loved and worked on the sea and in the fields to feed the City of Valencia. The kitchen of the cabanyal is a humble one, using simple products which with imagination and care become a tradition which is passed from generation to generation, and which nowadays is the final touch given to this exquisite gastronomy ,born in the kitchens of  our mothers and grandmothers.


Plaza Armada Española, 1, 46011, Valencia

Here in the Kabanyal we bring to the light of day  recipes which will take us back to another period in time without actually moving from this beautiful terrace and bar with it’s many references to the history of the area. Using the tradition of cooking from the shores  and mountains of our land, touching on all the unique flavours of the Spanish gastronomy.

What could be better than an evening with friends on our amazing terrace with unequaled views to the Port ,a plate of olives , a beer from our bodega(unpasteurized) or a glass of wine or local Vermouth ,Vittore ,originally produced less than 100 metres from where you are sitting now.

An excellent dinner enjoyable for all pallets, including Vegan and Vegetarian , and relaxing  afterwards bathed in the light of the Valencian Moon.